Saifuddin Saif was born in Amritsar in 1922. He wrote some very powerful poems during his college days. He was always inclined towards writing for films, but the films for which he had written lyrics before partition were not released due to the unfavorable conditions in the subcontinent. Saif penned songs for Teri Yaad (1948) which was the first film to be released in Pakistan and received admiration for the freshness of his poetry. (courtesy of Rekta: https://www.rekhta.org/Poets/saifuddin-saif/profile)

For the lyrics of Chandni Raat: https://www.rekhta.org/ghazals/chaandnii-raat-badii-der-ke-baad-aaii-hai-saifuddin-saif-ghazals

Read about Ali Sethi’s version of Chandni Raat, which has the lyrics plus a translation in English: https://dilliwaliblog.wordpress.com/2019/03/03/chandni-raat-ali-sethi/

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