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The word bagicha is derived from the Persian word bagh, which translates into garden. The Mughals gardens were renowned for their architectural beauty, which were Persian in style, particularly the Charbagh structure. Charbagh literally translate into ‘four gardens’ and examples of these can be seen in Shailmar Gardens in Lahore, Taj Mahal in Agra and Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi. The bagh would encompass many different and permanent trees, shrubs, flowers and often surrounded by pools, fountains or purpose built canals inside the gardens.

For me the bagicha represents a myriad of things, its an escape, it provides pleasure, it sustains life, it regenerates itself through the seasons, it brings life to modern housing, brings colour into our lives and many more superlatives. In the same vein the bagicha blog is designed to bring a myriad of interests together, one of which is my own interest in photographing trees, plants, gardens and flowers.

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