Something about me…

IMG_9768For the past ten years I have been working full time at De Montfort University, Leicester as a Senior Lecturer in Modern South Asian History. I have a multi-layered interest in history, art, culture, photography and people. These interests have invariable influenced my work over the years and I have worked on exhibitions such as Coming to Coventry (The Herbert, 2006) and The Punjab: Moving Journey (Royal Geographical Society, 2008). As an academic I have written extensively about Punjabi history, refugees, Partition of Punjab, South Asian diaspora in the UK and more recently my work is much more focused on the social and cultural history of women, particularly in Pakistan but more broadly in historical Punjab. Within all of this work I try to explore ideas and social change through people’s stories and visual history.

I was born in Ludhiana, India and spent my early childhood travelling with my mother between Ludhiana and Nakuru, Kenya, where we eventually settled down. However, in the early eighties we migrated to the UK, making Coventry my new adopted home. I have remained there ever since, but still maintaining my strong links with Punjab, both personal and professional. These multiple identities are all important to me as they allow me to adopt a broader lens through which I view the world. There is no conflict between them; they are all a part of my own personal history.

This blog is essentially a scrapbook of short essays, photography, and other musings, that allows me to indulge in my own interests that do not always conveniently fit into the academic world.