Pakistani Truck Artist pays Homage to George Floyd 



“This artwork not only pays reverence to George Floyd but it pays a tribute to everyone fighting inequality and injustice”, said the Pakistani Truck Artist Haider Ali as he painted a mural of Floyd on the wall of his house in Karachi, Pakistan.
The portrait of George Floyd is painted in the traditional Pakistani truck art style. Alongside are slogans written depicting the popular truck poetry manner, “Goron ki na kaalon ki Dunya dil walon ki” and “Hum kalay hain tou kya huwa dil walay hain”.


The background of Haider Ali’s piece is the black night sky with starts twinkling on it.” Black is an essential color of the universe .It is due to the black color of the sky that we are able to see the stars. Every Artist in the world realizes the importance and beauty of the black color”, explained the truck artist beautifully. “ALLAH Almighty has…

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