Poetry Corner: Since You Have Gone by Ribhu Singh

Since You Have Gone by Ribhu Singh

Since you have gone,
the birds have stopped pecking at my window
to wake me up,
mornings have lost their warmth –
day finds me trapped in the darkness of my small room,
nights have lost their darkness –
a faint light flickers in my room throughout the night,
keeping me awake.

Since you have gone,
the home-made sweets in pure ghee
have lost their sweetness and lay half-bitten,
attracting red ants,
flowers have forgotten to bloom –
my garden withered,
the trees have shed their leaves –
autumn knocks at the door.

Since you have gone,
the wind has stopped blowing –
singing in my ears –
everything is still like my thoughts

But now, I hear a bird,
singing its melodies alone
in a silent, quiet corner of my garden.
The crops are ripe and the farmers
blow their trumpet –
singing and dancing, in joy.

Do I hear your footsteps at the corner of my street,
turning towards my unfrequented door?

Oh do come, my visitor,
I have waited long for you.

Courtesy: Five poems of longing for the sizzling month of May. https://scroll.in/article/836073/five-poems-of-longing-for-the-sizzling-month-of-may

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